BIRTHING A BOOK #5 — Can we talk?
Read this blog from the beginning. While I waited to hear back from Barbara Brownell Grogan, VP and editor-in-chief at National Geographic, I busied myself crossing off items from the long list I’d made after ending my CEO career with the Girl Scouts. The list had become a necessity; without it, whole days would dissolve << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #4 — “Afraid of Success?”
Read this blog from the beginning. To the Banff Mountain Writing workshop, I’d brought the mostly-completed manuscript of Only Pack What You Can Carry so that the workshop editors could offer feedback and guidance, but it wasn’t my focus for the month. My new project was a new book about leadership lessons learned in the << Read More

Dinner with a Prince
Dinner with a Prince (A special blog for a special day.  Celebrate the love on Monday, in whatever way lights your fire!) Like most girls who grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, I was raised on a diet of Disney-esque promises of the handsome prince on a white horse who would someday gallop into << Read More

What the movie 127 Hours didn’t show you
(We take a detour from my regular blog so I can vent a little.  I feel a rant coming on!) I liked Slumdog Millionaire – I really did – but Danny Boyle directing the story of a trapped hiker’s dramatic escape from a slot canyon? Even with Aron Ralston — the subject of the movie << Read More

Birthing a Book #3 — “Let me sleep on it”
Read this blog from the beginning. (Photo:  Tunnel Mountain from my writing room) My inability to depict the inside of a slot canyon was making me suicidal. “A slot canyon is truly indescribable,” I announced at the workshop. “Everything can be described,” sniffed one of the editors. The other writers nodded in agreement. None of << Read More