BIRTHING A BOOK #10 — Memories…
Read this blog from the beginning. By now, deep into the throes of meeting deadlines, I no longer had a life.  Up early and to Classroom Central to be their leader used up all my energy by the end of the day.  But then I had to come home and write until very late at night. << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #9 — It can’t just be about YOU!
Read this blog from the beginning. The months following that meeting with Karen Kostyal and Barbara (VP and editor-in-chief) in DC were a crazy-quilt of ideas, and I tried to stitch them all into something magical. We’d decided that following the yet-to-be written introduction, Courage would be the first chapter, even though Courage was really << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #8 — You Want Me to Do WHAT?
Read this blog from the beginning. Before travelling to D.C. to meet my assigned editor, Karen Kostyal, I’d sought the help of Google to locate an image of her. She’d written and edited many books for Nat Geo yet I couldn’t find her picture anywhere. At the DC airport we managed to locate each other, << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #7 — The Midwife
Read this blog from the beginning. Now that I had an offer of publication I needed a wise set of eyes to give it  the once over. Not wanting to settle for less than was possible, nevertheless I had no idea what that was. And in truth, having Nat Geo as my publisher was worth << Read More

Birthing a Book #6 — Cramps
Read this blog from the beginning. Two weeks passed, then three, then four as I waited for a formal offer of publication from National Geographic. My suspicions were confirmed.  It had been too good to be true. Nat Geo betting on a first-time book author? Well, I’d given it a shot and congratulated myself that << Read More