BIRTHING A BOOK #13 — All I ever wanted was a horse
Read this blog from the beginning.  After I’d come to the sad conclusion I’d have to kill the book deal, Barbara (VP and Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Book Division) called me immediately.  “Let’s not give up,” she said.  “Please tell me your concerns.”  I did. They sprayed out like water from a burst pipe. “Let’s << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #12 — False alarm
Read this blog from the beginning. Why was “Courage” was the worst thing I’d ever written? Because I’d allowed too many voices to muddy mine, and worse, I was trying to satisfy everyone.  Still, the notion of trashing the “Courage” chapter was so depressing I set it down and walked away, for the second time.  << Read More

BIRTHING A BOOK #11 — Deep breaths…
Read this blog from the beginning. The National Geographic contract arrived. Reading it, my jaw dropped.  A filmmaker friend looked at it with me. “See?” he said, crossing his arms.  “I told you.”  What he’d told me was they wanted everything and offered nothing.  That wasn’t completely true, but the contract certainly wasn’t enticing. He << Read More