June 30 — The 100 Things You MUST Own!
I admit that I’m usually out of the loop on most things. The TV’s rarely on. The radio in my car stays silent.  I didn’t even know about the world ending until the day after it was supposed to happen.  Nor did I understand why everyone snickered when I used the word “Weiner” until someone << Read More

  I stood on the surface of the moon, or at least it seemed that way. Blue Mesa trail in Petrified Forest National Park is like that:  Otherworldly, lunar, alien.  Pyramids of whitish rock poked high against the azure sky, while at my feet and strewn all about were huge, ancient, petrified trees that had << Read More

Which is More Likely to be Right: A Monkey with a Typewriter or a GPS?
Anyone who knows me well knows that one of my endearing qualities is that I like to be right.  Oh, I’ll admit when I’m wrong (eventually). It just doesn’t happen very often.  But as a public service I must confess my latest gaffe, especially if it will help just one other person avoid going down << Read More

June 9, 2011 — Running away from home
  A few years ago I dreamed about selling my house, my possessions, and heading out across country with a couple of suitcases and an open mind.  I even thought about making money along the way as a bartendress, collecting people’s stories and maybe even writing a book about them. Then I got older and << Read More

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s a girl. No, it’s a boy. No, it’s a BOOK!!!!
Read this blog from the beginning. While I waited for the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of Only Pack to be printed, I stayed busy finishing my website and getting a head start on the required blogs.  Nat Geo introduced me to a new media coach, Joe Flood, who outlined a cohesive plan for promoting the << Read More