IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT YOU — Leadership Lesson #8
We all have moments that are burned into our memories.  For me, one such moment is rappelling into a waterfall using just one simple knot (the Munter hitch)  I tied with my own hands.  Dying really could have been a consequence of flubbing it.  When I committed my weight to the Munter hitch and it held, << Read More

BLACK HAWK DOWN: A Soldier’s story
  In honor of Veteran’s Day, we take a break from Leadership Lessons from the Edge, to take a look at leadership lessons from the ground… through the eyes of a soldier. This morning, (the day before Veteran’s Day), I sat in the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC, awaiting the appearance of our << Read More

      After rappelling into a tree, having a meltdown on the edge of a giant drop, being lowered via rope by a classmate I didn’t trust – I thought that Day Two in the slot canyons of southern Utah had offered up more travail than any one urbanized person should have to handle.  << Read More