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“My early adult years were spent in the company of murderers, rapists and drunk drivers,” says Janice, who at 21 worked in the criminal justice system as a court recorder.  “As an aspiring writer, criminal court offered a deep well from which to pull characters and stories,” she says, “but it also presented tragedies so unspeakable I’ve not been able to write about them for decades.”

Her newest book, A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer, chronicles one such case.  “Listen,” she says, “A young man with no history of violence suddenly and savagely murders six members of his family?  That doesn’t ‘just happen.'” Janice became obsessed with the case, following the trial and interviewing witnesses, doctors, court personnel and law enforcement.   “I’ve carried this story around with me for 30 years,” she says, “waiting for the right time to tell it. When Sandy Hook happened, I thought it might be time. When the Aurora movie theatre shooting happened, I knew it was time.”  A Voice quickly became an Amazon best-seller in the category of schizophrenia.   “Unless we have experienced mental illness ourselves or are connected to it through a family member, friend, or other person close to us, we can’t know the depth of suffering when someone goes untreated or worse — inadequately treated.  It is my intention that A Voice will shed some light and humanity on the darkest side of mental illness.”

And then there’s the other side of Janice. Fifteen years ago, she tried to find someone — anyone — to accompany her on a trip to southern Utah to explore the mystery of slot canyons. Not one person was even remotely interested. Thus began a decade of solo adventure travel for Janice, and a series of journeys that not only pushed her to the edge physically and emotionally, but  gifted her with epiphanies that would change her life.

“The best thing that ever happened to me, aside from dark chocolate, was that I had to take that first trip alone.”  Janice has been addicted to solo travel ever since.  “Travelling alone changed me when I discovered four key essentials to life’s journey that radically altered the way I look at life and the way I live it. Sharing these four secrets with audiences is so rewarding because I know the information will be life-changing for them as well.”

Whether it’s through her inspirational keynotes or via the pages of her first book Only Pack What You Can Carry, (National Geographic) Janice is committed to sharing her insights about what it means to live the life you want to live.  Just don’t ask her to share her chocolate…

Born in British Columbia, Janice Holly Booth is a lifelong equestrienne and avid solo traveler.  An award-winning former CEO of three national non-profit organizations, Janice was named  “Woman of the Year” in 2006 and a “Woman Extraordinaire” in 2011.  Her occasional travel series in the Gaston Gazette entitled “On Adventure with Janice Booth,” inspired many of her readers to summon the courage to have adventures of their own. She is also an accomplished photographer and writer, and has published short fiction, literary reviews and editorials throughout her career.

She is a full-time writer, speaker, and Adventurista.