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Speaker:  You want a program that will capture your audience’s heart and soul.   Janice’s presentations are inspirational, provocative and motivational.  At the heart of her stories are a call to action:  face fear, embrace ambiguity, and experience the transformative power of both. Audiences agree! Janice is a must-have speaker.  Leadership Lessons keynote

Author:  Janice recently released her new book, A Voice out of Nowhere:  Inside the mind of a mass murderer which became an instant Amazon best-seller.  Her first book, Only Pack What You Can Carry is a National Geographic travel memoir, but it’s not just a book about solo adventure travel; it inspires you to create a personal compass so that you’ll always know where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. 

Teambuilder:  Building productive and harmonious teams is every business leader’s goal, yet too often “people problems” are chronic, and teambuilding efforts yield so-so results.  But building harmonious and productive teams is Janice’s specialty.  Her unique Teambuilding KIT helps you create effective, dynamic teams with a strong foundation. For more information and testimonials, click Team Builder fact sheet.

Adventurista: Live vicariously as Janice and others travel the globe, testing their nerve over and over again.  See pictures from the adventures in Only Pack What You Can Carry. >>LEARN MORE