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In addition to publishing two books, Janice regularly contributes to magazines including  Life Reimagined and AARP.


book coverA Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer  is Janice Holly Booth’s newest release, a true-crime non-fiction novel about an actual mass murder committed by a young man with no history of violence who suddenly and savagely massacred his family after voices directed him to “save the world.”  Described by one forensic psychiatrist as “a brilliantly written journey into the mind of a schizophrenic,” it’s also being praised by readers as “the consummate page-turner” and “unforgettable.”  A Voice out of Nowhere is  an Amazon Bestseller!  Take a look inside and buy your copy here.


pic_sidebar_authorOnly Pack What You Can Carry, (National Geographic, 2011) is a guide to personal growth through solo adventure travel, but is far more than just a travel memoir.  Florida Weekly called it “One of the most fascinating and exciting travel books of recent months,” and readers praise it as  “compelling,” “inspirational” and “life-changing.”  (National Geographic, 2011).  An Amazon best-seller in Travel!  Learn more about the book, buy your copy, or read excerpts here.


An interview with the author

Q:  You didn’t publish your first book until you were 50.  Did you start writing later in your life?

A:  I studied creative writing in college in my twenties, and published short fiction for awhile before I had to put writing on hold to placate the demands of my job (Janice has been an non-profit CEO for more than two decades).  Of course, it wasn’t all a barren wasteland for writing.  I like to say that while I was a non-profit director I still wrote fiction, only it was in the form of grants.  :)   There were also opportunities to publish travel-themed essays, and a few special assignments.  But I have always written, even if it’s just in my travel journal and for my eyes only.

Q:  Your new book, A Voice out of Nowhere, is a complete 180 from Only Pack What You Can Carry.  Do you think your readers will object?

A:  Readers know what they like, and it’s not inconceivable that a person who loves inspirational writing might also love true crime.  Ultimately, the decision to read or not read A Voice out of Nowhere will be the reader’s.  However, I should state in the strongest possible terms that A Voice can be a difficult and disturbing book to read by virtue of its tragedy.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

Q:  Parts of the book are very disturbing, the murder scenes for example.  Were they difficult to write?

A:  Extremely difficult.  I tried to distance myself from the action, because it was so horrible.  But when I read what I’d written, I realized I was going to have to get right inside the killer’s head and be him.  I could not retreat from the truth just because it was uncomfortable and sickening.  I felt if my readers had followed me that far, I had a duty to them to be in it 100%.  But I did try to get the writing of it over with as quickly as possible.

Q:  Is this a new genre for you?  Will there be another true crime novel after this?

A:  I’ve learned to never say never, but if I wrote another true crime novel the subject matter would have to capture me thoroughly, the way this story did.  I’ve carried this particular story around with me for 30 years.  The only other thing that has had a similar impact on my psyche  is September 11. ” We’ll see” is the best answer I can give you at the moment!

Q:  Once A Voice is released, will you begin work on a new project?

A:  I’ll be exploring screenplay possibilities while doing the marketing for A Voice — and the marketing piece is often harder than writing the book.  But no, I’ll give myself a little breather before starting on the next project.

Q:  Do you know what that is?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Will you tell us?

A:  Not yet.  Stay tuned!


A Voice out of Nowhere and Only Pack What You Can Carry are available at Amazon, on Kindle and at Barnes & Noble.