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An editorial synopsis from the National Geographic Book Division:

“…this unique book about personal growth through solo travel goes a step beyond Eat, Pray, Love, and Under the Tuscan Sun. Where these well-loved bestsellers help women dream, Booth’s book is just this side of Gonzales’s Deep Survival. A book of depth and wisdom, Only Pack What you Can Carry helps readers act and change their lives through solo travel and by addressing four key concepts: solitude, introspection, courage and commitment. In a lively and confidential tone with page-turning personal anecdotes that range from a week galloping across Ireland “jumping everything in sight” to learning how to master the art of the flying trapeze, she shares her secrets to a fuller life through solo travel with every other ‘average person who has a full time job, doesn’t have enough time to get everything done in a day, and has to make sacrifices and save money in order to travel.’ Through more than a decade of incredible self-challenges, observations, and discoveries she shows how crucial it is to find time alone-whether traveling to the park down the street or ziplining through the Costa Rican rain forest-to bring refreshing and vital dimension—and growth potential- to your life.”

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Selected reviews

Pray for a snow storm or  the flu because when you sit down to read Only Pack What You Can Carry, written by Janice Holly Booth, I promise you won’t be able to put the book down.  Get ready to meet an amazing woman and the journey she took to becoming one with herself and those around her.  Get ready to experience every emotion you can muster.  You will hold your breath and feel the rush of holding on for dear life as you are about to go over a waterfall.  You will feel the wind in your hair as you canter across the wilderness.  I promise you will laugh, cry, grieve, feel fear, love and know that in the end, you can really only handle what you can carry.  – Arcangela, trial attorney/triathlete


Only Pack What You Can Carry is a veritable smorgasbord of luscious writing.  I would happily give up my favorite foods or weekly martini for the rich, direct and dramatic words that grace each page of this book! — Ann, O.D.


Anyone reading this book will be moved to deeply examine and discover how they want to live their life. Subtle opportunities not previously recognized as such will appear, while others will be sought and pursued. The author’s entertaining adventure stories show that the option to challenge ourselves to move out of our comfort zones and do things we never thought we could do is available to everyone and can transform our lives. She demonstrates that all of us have within us the courage to take action and create the lives we want. Reading this book inspired me to think with greater clarity about where I want my life to go and how I’m going to get there. The book lights a way that is very personal to each reader. Anyone, at any age, in any situation, can use the four key tools in this book to craft the life they want. – Ted, attorney



A  compelling, told-from-the-heart, honest and witty gem.  For those of us who don’t want to let fear win and embrace instead the power of saying yes, this is book is our friend.

Whether racing down the beach in Costa Rica on the back of a wild-at-heart horse, rappelling in the canyons of Utah, hiking alone in the foggy forests of Northern California, Janice demonstrates how to face fear and find our inner courage.  She reveals how through travelling in solitude, we are forced to spend time getting to know who we really are through introspection, ultimately making a commitment to living the life of our dreams.   Each chapter ends with excellent exercises, easily incorporated into our daily lives, allowing us to “flex the muscle of courage,” building solitude and introspection into our daily lives.

Our modern, discomfort-averse society is contrasted to other cultures, which build tests of courage into ritualized rites of passage.  She quotes a Chinese proverb, “The gem cannot be perfected without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

That  is why this book is a must-read for all but is especially going on my gift list for my young adult children, so they may begin their journey sooner rather than later. – Robyn, Occupational Therapist


Janice Holly Booth’s book makes me wish I were 20 years younger and 20 pounds lighter so I, too, could go canyoneering.However, I value her suggestion that it is possible to go adventuring closer to home. JanIce’s search for inner strength, confidence and true self- knowledge comprises a blueprint that we each can follow in our own way. I felt inspired by her own adventures, which she details with great artistry, and encouraged by her honest insights. The questions at the end of each chapter helped me to clarify my feelings and also raised tantalizing questions. The author forced me to be introspective about my own life and that’s a good thing. I loved reading the book on my own but can easily see it as a book club favorite. I hope that Janice will send a copy to Oprah- she would love it!! — Mary, author


At age 24, when I divorced after 3 1/2 years of marriage, the thought of being alone was terrifying and the feeling of failure was paralyzing. For the next decade, all my energy went to ensure that I was never alone and surrounded by people. After 10 years of noise and still a void, I came to realize one thing Ms. Booth articulates so beautifully in these stories. That alone and lonely are not mutually exclusive. Very poignant to me were the chapters of solitude and introspection…Where was this book when I needed it 25 years ago?  Pain is a part of life, but I had no resources to draw upon to help me through to the other side.  No one to illustrate what summoning courage was.  No role models driven to live life to the fullest. No appreciation for accomplishing something hard.  I can think of no greater gift for the people in my life than to offer them her words of Courage, Solitude, Introspection and Commitment so they may have the ability to be open to the possibilities of life.  Especially the young adults I love.  I know I’m going to say yes a lot more and I’m done dragging around more baggage than I can carry. — Sara, owner, executive search firm


The story makes you sit on edge, not being able to turn the page fast enough and beg the questions, “What else will she conquer?  Who doesn’t she know?  How in the world…?”  Janice’s lust for intrigue and adventure combined with her understanding the importance of reflection in order to grow is a common thread in the human experience that we can all gain courage to commit to take the next step and live better, more freely.  Janice’s book is a true revelation on how to live your best life.  Are you ready? — Jasmine, Business Development Manager