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NEWS!  A Voice out of Nowhere is an Amazon best-seller!  It’s been in the top 100 books (Schizophrenia) since its release in early September!

In the pre-dawn hours of a drizzly winter morning, a 22-year-old man with no history of violence savagely murdered six members of his family. What incited him to kill the people he loved?  What was in his mind?   A Voice out of Nowhere is the true story of a young man’s sudden plunge into mental illness where voices and delusions commanded him to do the unthinkable.  Drawing from court transcripts, interviews, and eye-witness statements, A Voice out of Nowhere takes the reader deep into the mind of a psychotic killer and explores the awful consequences of untreated mental illness.

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Readers rave about A Voice out of Nowhere!

Janice Holly Booth brings her considerable writing skill and talent to bear in the telling of this fascinating and tragic story… From the haunting opening to a nail biting climax, this is a journey into madness and murder you will find hard to put down.  – C.E. Lawrence, award-winning author of the Lee Campbell “Silent” thriller series.

Janice Holly Booth takes the reader into the mind of an inadequately treated schizophrenic and the devastating consequences… —Eugene D. Maloney, Forensic Psychiatrist

After reading A Voice Out of Nowhere, I cannot stop thinking about the tragic story and the lessons learned from it. The book is difficult to put down and more difficult to forget. My paradigm regarding the seriously mentally ill has changed forever. A Voice Out of Nowhere places in our laps a responsibility to do more as individuals and as a society. Janice Holly Booth takes us on an intense journey inside the deteriorating mind of a tortured soul. We can clearly see the action needed which may mean the difference between life and death in this case but also in any situation involving untreated mental illness. A riveting read and cautionary tale for our times.  — TJ Solomon, II, attorney

Janice Holly Booth takes the reader into the mind of an inadequately treated schizophrenic and the devastating consequences.  More importantly, she tells us how to prevent this horror — Eugene D. Maloney, MD, Forensic Psychiatrist

Janice Holly Booth brings her considerable writing skill and talent to bear in the telling of this fascinating and tragic story.  True crime books abound these days, but few writers have the personal connection to their material Booth does.  From the haunting opening to a nail biting climax, this is a journey into madness and murder you will find hard to put down.  C.E. Lawrence, award-winning author of the Lee Campbell “Silent” thriller series.

::WARNING:: After reading A Voice Out of Nowhere, you will never look at your family members the same way again. Booth gives you the birds-eye view into the brain of a paranoid schizophrenic who had to murder his family in order to save them and a world that includes you and me.  “No Bruce, not me” his sister screamed as he shot her.  That scream followed me into my troubled sleep and long after the sun came up.  If you want a book you cannot put down, this is your book, just don’t read it before you go to bed. – Arcangela Mazzariello, trial attorney

A MUST READ!  This timely, important, page-turner of a book is a must read for all of us as we continue to see increases in violent crimes committed by those with mental illness. This book explores a true case and highlights the many, many signs and interventions that were ignored, which were opportunities to help prevent this violent tragedy. The author pieces together the events leading up to the heinous crime committed in a riveting manner. She exposes problems inherent in current mental health systems, which must be addressed. This book is written with compassion and insight for both the victims, law enforcement, medical community and the criminal, who are essentially victims of a broken system. – Robyn, OT

COULDN’T PUT IT DOWN!  What makes Janice Holly Booth’s book so poignant is that nearly every family has at least one member who is alcoholic, addicted to drugs, or suffering from some form of mental illness. The sad and scary truth is that what happened to the Blackman family could happen to any family. In A Voice Out of Nowhere Janice explores the rapid downward spiral of a troubled young man and the terrible consequences of his untreated disease. In chilling detail, we are taken into the mind of a schizophrenic haunted by inner voices and strange compulsions. Even as his family tries to help him, the voices and compulsions drive Bruce Blackman to become one of Canada’s worse mass murderers. But this story doesn’t end with the killing. Janice goes on to consider the viability of the “insanity” defense and its ramifications for perpetrator, victims, and society as a whole. I read the entire novel in two sittings, unable to put it down. The characters Janice brings to life stayed with me for days. – Gary V. Powell, author of Lucky Bastard

DO NOT READ AT NIGHT!  “A Voice Out of Nowhere” is frightening, chilling and true. Janice Holly Booth has taken the facts of an authentic mass murder and skillfully entered the minds of the murderer, the police and others affected by the crimes. Devotees of true crime may think they have read it all, but Booth provides many surprises. Crimes by the mentally ill take on a special fascination and horror because so many psychotic individuals are undertreated, placing communities and families at risk. That was true when this crime took place and remains true today. Booth’s style is crisp and intense but beneath the facts lies her concern that her book’s scenario could happen again. The reader becomes immersed immediately and cannot rest umtil the author releases him. A compelling read, it is a book I will never forget. – Mary Layton, author of Bobby’s Piano

BE PREPARED TO READ STRAIGHT THROUGH!  I could not put this book down. And after reading it the first time, I re-read some parts again, to find key points which didn’t seem significant at the time, but turned out to change the course of Bruce and his family’s life (and death). This chilling, gripping, terrifying peek inside the mind of a killer will make you think, will make you bang your fists on the wall in frustration, and will show you mental illness in a different light. The one thing it may not let you do is sleep at night! Exceptionally written and meticulously researched, this book is well worth your time. Once you read it, you won’t forget it. – Wynne, Greenville, SC

COMPASSIONATE AND CHILLING.  The great triumph of this book is that it lets you experience what it must be like on the inside of a schizophrenic’s mind. Written with empathy and meticulous accuracy, “A Voice Out of Nowhere” takes a horrific individual incident and makes a universal case for better mental health care. This is a book you won’t soon forget. – Ring, entrepreneur, NC

I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN!! This book was so powerful and strong in laying out to the reader step by step the changes in Bruce Blackman’s personality. Mental illness in today’s world is still so hard to diagnose, as example, in the latest tragedies in our country by young men who suffered but were never diagnosed. Janice Booth laid the details of this tragic event out so that the reader felt they were there themselves. I found myself wanting to tell the family to get help, NOW! – Susan, non-profit CEO (retired)

A GRIPPING STORY.  Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop. The author did a great job of weaving a narrative story with actual transcripts. The ending of the book gave me cold chills, as I thought about what might happen. It’s so sad that this was a preventable crime. However, since most families can’t imagine that someone close to them would commit such horrible acts, it could happen to any of us. This story is also a sad commentary on how society has turned its back on the mentally ill and put the burden on families to find solutions. This book is definitely worth reading! – Wanda, Charlotte, NC