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From the inside book jacket of Only Pack What You Can Carry  (ORDER HERE):
“Choosing to travel alone is not a resolution most of us come to naturally.  That’s because doing so requires us to go head-to-head with our fears:  fear of risk, fear of the unknown, and most of all, fear of being alone with ourselves.  Yet, five years into solo travel—and with many eye-opening escapades under her belt—Janice Holly Booth realized that taking that daring leap allowed her to discover who she is at her core, what matters most in life, and what she’s truly capable of when dropped into uncharted territory. In Only Pack What You Can Carry, the unabashedly feisty, brutally honest Booth–a self-proclaimed ‘average working woman who doesn’t have a trust fund to scoop from, or a second income, or even any particularly good survival skills’–walks you through four key states of being and doing that have become the foundation for her own life; courage, solitude, introspection, and commitment.  Along the way, she expertly intertwines her own adventures–including a handful of misadventures–in a page-turning style that is both compelling and thoroughly inspiring.  Readers follow her down a geological ‘rabbit-hole’ in Utah on her initiation into solo travel and the allure of solitude…on a wild horseback ride across a Costa Rican beach as she embraces the reality that exhilaration and danger can co-exist…through Joshua Tree National Park, where she learns the sublime and deeply moving lessons of the desert…and more.  The ultimate lesson?  That doing something for oneself, by oneself, can be the most transformational step of all.”

Travelling solo can be a first step to a new way of living. On every trip, building in some element of adventure or risk-taking is one of the best ways to invigorate your life, and a great way to test your capabilities.  You never know what bravery lurks inside of you until you give it permission to burst out of hiding!